Jobs for Barrie

Live in Barrie? You should be able to work in Barrie too. Let’s cut through the red tape and allow industry to open up and expand in Barrie. We need to generate more jobs for people who don’t want to spend hours driving on the 400. To fast-track job growth in Barrie, Alex will prioritize creating more employment land quickly, and without all the hoops.

What Alex will do:
  • Designate more employment land. 
  • Work with neighbouring municipalities to create regional economic development plans
  • Build relationships with Barrie employers by making 100+ calls a week to find out what the city can do to help create more jobs.
  • Hire city planners to prioritize the approval of employment projects.
  • Publicize employment project approval times to keep the city accountable.
  • Take advantage of Barrie’s rail and 400-series highway access to attract large logistics firms and create more local jobs.

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