Housing You Can Afford

You shouldn’t have to work in Toronto to afford a home in Barrie. Housing costs too much in Barrie. Rental rates are too high. We need a mix of homes so there can be something affordable to all individuals who want to live here. Barrie residents are being priced out of the housing and rental market, and as a result are stretching themselves too thin financially. This needs to change. Alex is committed to creating housing opportunities for Barrie residents. This can be solved by building more housing in designated high-density Barrie areas, with lower project approval wait times. 

What Alex will do:
  • Fast track housing.
  • Increase housing density downtown and around transit hubs.
  • Guaranteed 90 day approval time for housing projects.
  • Increase the mix of housing unit types to meet everyone’s needs, including seniors.
  • Work with local experts to address issues of homelessness in our community.

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