A Downtown to be Proud Of

A city’s downtown should be the heart of its community. We should be able to enjoy our downtown for its shops, its culture and places to gather with friends and family. We have a great downtown and waterfront. But it needs to be better. Our downtown should be a place where citizens, businesses and visitors come together to live, work, shop and play. Alex will focus on cleaning up our downtown and waterfront, protecting Lake Simcoe, and bringing more jobs, homes, and services to downtown. Let’s fill our downtown with people, businesses, food and retailers.

What Alex will do:
  • End the prisoner drop off in Barrie.
  • Ensure a mix of uses including housing and employment options.
  • Clean the litter from our streets and parks so that people can enjoy them.
  • Enhance police and emergency services in the downtown core by directing city spending where it belongs.
  • Get a grocery store built downtown by offering tax incentives to grocers.

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